What is the VALOR Token?

VALOR token is a utility and payment token with the target to foster network growth by creating an incentive for participants to contribute and to benefit from the value creation on the VALOR platform. It is, however, no security token. 


What is the function of the VALOR token?

VALOR token is very similar to Binance’s BNB. Primarily the functions are payment, staking and rewards.

You can pay the fees of the exchange and get discounts from 10-30%. Staking allows the holder to place tokens in their account and to hold them there for 12 months. Issuers stake tokens during their fundraising process and Investors staking 1.000 VALOR get the privilege of a “VALOR PRIME” account. This way you can get early access to upcoming assets, preferred access to oversubscribed listings, voting on the listing of assets and many more benefits. In summary, SMART VALOR is the European version of Binance.


What are the advantages of VALOR tokens?

  • Membership: VALOR tokens give exclusive benefits over non-members of the platform (special access rights, referrals, participation in a reward program for active members and other member benefits)

  • Payment: Network services come at a discount if paid in VALOR tokens

  • Issuer: Collateral requirements for asset issuers and professional service providers to be posted in VALOR

  • Voting: Participation in voting and strategic decision polls


How many tokens are currently in circulation?

Currently, there are 75 million VALOR Tokens in circulation.


Where can I get the VALOR token?

VALOR is listed on BithumbBitMax, Cashierest, Bithumb Global and SMART VALOR secondary market trading is possible via these exchanges. Other exchanges will follow and we will communicate additional exchanges on our telegram channel announcements and blog.