In order to actively stake an asset on the blockchain and optimize the returns for our customers, every staked asset is subject to a small lockup period. After the lockup period is over, simply unstake your asset and you are able to trade, deposit or withdraw it. The unstake process is fairly quick and depending on the blockchain requires only minutes.

To unstake you just need to go to the staking main page (just click on staking in the menu on the left side) and then click on unstake next to your staked tokens.


Specials about Kyber Network Crystals:

The Kyber Network Crystals (KNCs) can be unstaked anytime. However, you need to keep in mind that the rewards are paid out every two weeks. They call this period an Epoch. Only if your tokens were staked during a full Epoch you can receive the staking rewards. SMART VALOR applies the same principle to its users. Only if the users stake the KNCs over the full two week period they will receive the rewards. The rewards are paid out within 3 days after each Epoch ends. Unlike staking by yourself you are not required to do any voting, claiming of funds, paying any gas fees or worrying about custody. The next Epoch starts on the 28th of July and ends on 11th of August. Afterwards the next one starts on 11th of August and ends on the 25th of August.