There is a 24-hour “wait” period before balances are accounted for during our daily snapshots to minimize balance manipulation. After that, your rewards are calculated on a daily basis with the given amount and annual percentage rate.

Special calculation for Kyber staking:

KyberDAO multiplies the collected Network Fees times the reward percentage which was voted in the DAO. This is the voting reward that is distributed to the stakers that actively participated in every voting. The current estimations are that the staking rewards will be up to 3% per year paid out in Ether. This can significantly increase with the increase in trading volume or decrease with an increase in active stakers if the trading volume stays the same.

SMART VALOR does the staking and voting on behalf of the customer and distributes the fees which SMART VALOR collect in the Kyber.DAO to all SMART VALOR users that staked during the full period of an Epoch.