JUNE 5, 2019


SMART VALOR, the Swiss start-up set to launch Europe’s first security token exchange has engineered a seemingly unique token. VALOR is a hybrid payment & utility token running on the Ethereum blockchain, subject to the ERC20 token standard. VALOR was generated at the end of SMART VALOR’s token sale in March 2019. The total supply of VALOR is 100’000’000 of which only 20’034’003 are in circulation. VALOR is currently traded on Bithumb and Bitmax with listing on further exchanges coming up in the next months.

With the mission to democratize access to wealth for all, SMART VALOR is creating a circular token economy to enable each party involved to benefit from the ownership of VALOR. Below are listed the primary functions of their native cryptocurrency:

Untitled.png Payment
Any user can choose to pay for services on the SMART VALOR Platform, such as listing fees, transaction fees, custody fees in VALOR. In this case the user pays 30% less fees during the first year and 20-10% less during the following years. This creates an incentive for investors to purchase VALOR to pay for usage of the platform.

2.pngMembership stake 
The smart contract functionality of VALOR was audited and approved by ChainSecurity, along with staking mechanisms for the SMART VALOR Platform. Staking on the platform is available threefold: 

 1. Investor
• Prime Investor Stake: 1’000
• Prime Institutional Investors Stake: 10’000 

 2. Asset Issuer
• Partner Stake: 100’000
• Prime Partner Stake: 200’000

 3. Contributor
• Contributor Stake: 250
• Service Partner Stake: 10’000

Bridge currency for trading 
VALOR will be one of the bridge currencies listed on the SMART VALOR Platform and as such will help to improve liquidity across tokenized assets. The use of a bridge currency is incentivised by the reduced transaction fees. 

Survey participation and voting 
In order to ensure the further development of the platform is in line with its members' interests, regular surveys and voting polls are conducted. Holding VALOR will guarantee participation. Depending on the type of vote, the participant’s quantity of VALOR will be used in weighing the results. 

Loyalty & Reward programs 
Rewards are offered to active contributors of the platform. There are various programs for the different stakeholder groups, e.g. rewards for active investors, paybacks for asset issuers, rewards for contributors of work. Membership status is needed to access most of the reward programs. 

All these features and more to be added on a continual basis, the use cases for VALOR are endless. The potential of cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that host them go far beyond what we can imagine today. According to the World Economic Forum, in 5 years 10% of the global GDP will be stored on the blockchain resulting in some $10-12tn tokenized assets. The first wave of tokenization came in the form of payment tokens i.e. cryptocurrencies, the second - in utility tokens and now the fast approaching third upsurge will be security tokens. Are you ready?