How do I view my bars of Gold?

As soon as you have withdrawn the tokens you can enter your Ethereum Address here: You will then get your gold bar’s serial number, brand code, gross weight, fineness and fine weight.


Is the gold I buy really mine? How do I know which bars are mine?

When you hold a PAX Gold token, you are the owner of the gold allocated to your tokens. Paxos holds title to the London Good Delivery gold bars in the name of Paxos Trust Company LLC “for benefit of” PAX Gold token holders. This means that legally, the owners of the gold bars are the token holders as identified in Paxos’ records. Paxos’ records, in turn, reflect at all times the public Ethereum blockchain addresses holding all PAX Gold tokens. Paxos’ systems automatically allocate gold bars to all PAX Gold tokens. You can review details on your gold bar through our website.