1. Liquidity
VALOR does not fall into category of securities and is therefore traded on multiple digital asset exchanges around the world, 24/7. This is a big advantage in comparison to privately held shares in early-stage companies and start-ups.

2. Accessibility

Anybody can buy, sell and trade VALOR on one of the multiple exchanges it is listed on. On SMART VALOR itself it is available in multiple currency pairs. The purchase can be made via bank wire (SEPA), credit card or stable coin.

3. Upside potential
The current market capitalization of VALOR is much lower then the current company value. For most exchange tokens the opposite is the case. This points to the current undervaluation in comparison to tokens of other crypto exchanges.

4. Limited supply
There will never be more then 75'000'000 VALOR, which is why the unlimited dilution of share-based company investments is not possible.