“Exchanges own, native cryptocurrencies such as BNB and VALOR are set to become the new way to own the next generation financial market infrastructure.”

Matthew Roszak, Founding Partner of Tally Capital, Chairman of Bloq and Metronome


“As one of the contributors to Mastercoin (2014) and chairman of Factom, I looked a lot into different token designs. The unique thing about VALOR is that it creates a circular token economy in which the value of the token increases alongside the scaling of the platform, without the need for an artificial token burn.”

David Johnston, Managing Director of Yeomans Growth Capital, Chairman of Factom


“Our community has voted for VALOR token because we have been convinced by the well thought-through token design and the vision of the company.”



“We were very impressed with an elegant way to replicate sale of memberships on traditional exchanges such as NYSE with token staking for asset issuer. Clever B2B design.”

JRR Token Design Competition 2018