Not being able to login to SMART VALOR account could be because of the following reasons:

1. You may have entered the wrong email address

Make sure that the email address you enter is correct and the same as the one used to register on the SMART VALOR platform. If you have forgotten your login email address, please write to by filling the "Change email address" form.

2. You may have entered the wrong password

Make sure the password you enter for login is correct. It is highly recommended that you use a password manager to securely save your passwords. In case you have forgotten your password, please proceed to the login page, click on Forgot your Password? Enter the email address used to register to your SMART VALOR account. An email will be sent to this address with the password reset link. Use the link to reset your password.

NOTE: if you do not receive an email after you entered the email address, you may have used an email address different from the one used for registering on the SMART VALOR platform.

3. You may have entered an incorrect 2FA code

Provided you have 2FA enabled, please make sure that you enter the code displayed on the Authenticator App correctly. If this still does not work, it may be because the time correction for codes on the Authenticator App is not properly synced. In order to sync the time correction, open the Authenticator App on your mobile device, go to Settings, click on Time correction for codes and then on Sync now. If you have lost your Authenticator App access, contact SMART VALOR support ( to reset it.