SMART VALOR is a blockchain start-up aiming to build a compliant Exchange for Digital Assets.

Once all necessary licenses are acquired the SMART VALOR Platform will enable easy, compliant and secure access to such alternative digital assets.

Given the crypto-friendly regulation in Switzerland, the SMART VALOR platform offers:
- Cryptocurrencies and utility tokens

At the moment the company works on expanding its product offering to:
- Security tokens such as crypto hedge funds and equity in growth companies
- Other traditional alternatives such as real estate, venture capital and private equity

All investments on the platform are represented through cryptographic tokens issued on the blockchain, powered by smart contracts.

And, we also have an incentivization model running that rewards each participant to contribute maximum value to the platform. Improved access to the platform via cryptocurrencies, broad spectrum of tokenized investment assets and consensus-based validation mechanism – these are the key elements of the SMART VALOR platform.