At SMART VALOR, we take security very seriously. Even though your account is safe and secure with us, it is important that you take strong measures to secure your access to your account as well. We highly encourage you to adhere to the following recommendations to keep your account safe and secure from most cyber attacks.

Email address

  • Use an email address that is not known from the outside world, preferably an email address that is used only for your SMART VALOR account. And in any case, do NOT use the email address that all your business or social contacts have.

  • Ensure your email address account is secure (use 2FA authentication, and do not rely on an easy to guess second email address or phone number for recovering access to your email)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Use Google Authenticator App or similar application (e.g. Authy, Microsoft Authenticator) on a second device(*) to add an extra layer of security to your account. To enable 2FA on your SMART VALOR account:

  • Click on the customer button on the top right of your dashboard

  • Navigate to the Settings > Security

  • Under Two-factor authentication, click on Enable

  • Scan the QR code using the Authenticator App on your smartphone or equivalent device. Alternatively, you can also enter the 16 digit secret key manually

  • Save the secret key for the recovery of the Authenticator App in the case of loss of your mobile device

    • This is IMPORTANT to save this key, as this is the ONLY way to redo the setup of the authenticator app in case you reset or lost your device.

    • This is HIGHLY important that the secret key is saved offline (not accessible on your devices that are connected to internet, as this would leak your 2nd factor of authentication)

  • Enter your account password and the verification code displayed on the Authenticator App to enable 2FA

(*) To ensure that it fully plays the role of a 2nd factor for authentication, it should not be stored on the same device as the one you use for accessing your account.

A recommended setting for ensuring 2nd factor is kept secure is to use a device (for instance a 2nd unused smartphone) that is never connected to internet  / network (enforced flight mode).
Be aware of the increase of so-called SIM swapped attacks. If your authenticator app is attached your smartphone number, then you are at risk.


The best practice to set up a password is to make it random, complex and one-of-a-kind. We highly recommend that you change your passwords regularly. Password manager software could help you set up and manage this with ease. More information about common guidelines for choosing your password is available here.   

Important: No member of the SMART VALOR team will contact you for any login credentials. NEVER communicate your password or your 2nd factor information (authentication code or secret key) to anyone. For all questions and queries about SMART VALOR, contact us at