Note: This article has been prepared after testing with firmware 1.5.5, older versions are not covered by this tutorial.

When allocated to you (from our token sale, bought on VALOR platform, or deposited from another exchange), VALOR tokens will be transferred to your account on the SMART VALOR platform. You can keep them in our custody or withdraw them to your own wallet.

If you would decide to withdraw, we do strongly recommend to use a secure hardware wallet from Ledger and to make yourself familiar with the use of such a wallet before transferring a large amount.

Once in your own personal wallet, for instance, the Nano S, then it is very easy to make transactions. Indeed MEW and Ledger are both compatible with ERC20 tokens, and they now recognize VALOR tokens.

Token name: VALOR Token

Token ticker: VALOR

You simply have to select the currency type in MEW as being VALOR token and proceed with transactions as any other tokens (as a reminder you also need in your wallet a few cents of ETH to pay the transaction fees). 

Go to MyEtherWallet website (and be sure that you visit the correct website) and select "Access My Wallet"


Plug your Nano S, turn it on and select the Ethereum application.


Select the hardware wallet category in MEW, choose Ledger, and select the appropriate wallet (public address) you want to use.



Once done, you will be the Send Transaction form, where you will have to select VALOR in type field.


Once provided the appropriate information (in particular amount to be transferred and recipient address), and "Send Transaction" button selected, you will have to confirm the transaction in your Nano S.




Once validated (WARNING -- you really have to double check if everything is indeed correct on the display screen of your Nano), you will have to finalize the transaction by validating on MEW side (where you will see the VALOR tokens smart contract address being displayed -- will always be the same address for all VALOR transactions)