For both, Ether and Ethereum-based token (ERC20), SMART VALOR is leveraging internal contract transactions. This increases the security of cryptocurrency transfers.

Some external wallets have difficulties to process internal transactions. This is the case if you successfully withdrew Ether or ERC20 tokens from the SMART VALOR exchange and after 1-2 hours it is still not processed on the external wallet.
No worries: This means the money simply cannot be processed by the counterparty, it is not lost.

Best practices to circumvent:
- BEFORE a transaction make sure, the counterparty is able to process internal transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
- Alternatively, use a "bridge" wallet in between (e.g. Metamask or MyEtherWallet). We do not recommend as this comes with the cost of reduced security.
- If you already sent the transaction, approach the counterparty support for the release.