Impersonation of C-level employees of SMART VALOR has become a serious threat now than ever. These “social engineering” attacks are constructed to steal sensitive data and information. While some of the impersonation attempts may seem easy to discover, it is highly likely that you could become a victim of the scams owing to how sophisticated these attacks are today.

  • The message comes out of the blue, usually with something very urgent to be addressed. If these emails have links, it is advised not to click on any. 

  • Always check the “From:” address for any kind of manipulation.

  • If a message comes from an unknown sender/number and claims to be a SMART VALOR team member, do not trust it. Verify their claims by contacting the SMART VALOR customer support.

  • Emails with short URLs could and will be used to hide virulent content. Hover your cursor over the URL and check if the URL that is being displayed in the email is the same as the one that is displayed when you hover over it.

  • It is always good to check the formatting and design of the emails you receive. Suspicious email signatures or a blurry logo could be signs to watch out for.

  • It is likely that if you are contacted, then the attacker has your name. But it is always a safe bet to stay away to emails/chats that do not address you by your name.

NOTE: No one from the SMART VALOR team will send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus. They also will never call you on Telegram. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate with fake BTC or ETH addresses.