Crypto and digital assets are the most complex asset classes today. Investing successfully in crypto is a full-time job, which requires an understanding of underlying blockchain technology.


If you:

  • Don’t have time to follow markets and relevant news on a daily basis

  • Don’t have experience with trading and technical analysis

  • Don’t have the technical background to secure your personal keys yourself or to protect your accounts with 2FA & other security measures

  • Want to invest more than 100.000 CHF or more

Then Wealth Management provided by SMART VALOR could be a great solution for you.


Why you should invest in crypto even if you don’t have the needed knowledge and time.


  • Price-performance

Bitcoin has been the top-performing asset in the last 7 years with an average annual return of 280%. The price is expected to follow the 4-year halving cycle.

  • Inflation protection

Protect your wealth from inflation. Global debt has reached $255 trillion. In contrast to the current expansion of the fiat monetary base, the Bitcoin supply is limited to a maximum of 21 Million Bitcoins.

  • Technology investment

Blockchain is one of the biggest technological innovations of our time. Invest directly in companies and projects building decentralized applications.