When staking on the SMART VALOR platform you receive staking rewards.


How is the staking reward calculated?


There is a 24-hour “wait” period before balances are accounted for during our daily snapshots to minimize balance manipulation. After that, your rewards are calculated on a daily basis with the given amount and annual percentage rate. The annual percentage rate is determined by the blockchain protocol itself, the blockchain networks set the underlying return rate depending on the number of staking participants. Hourly rates are accessible on the internet.


How are the rewards calculated for the Kyber Network payout?


Unlike other proof-of-stake coins where the staking comes from inflation (newly generated tokens) at Kyber Network Crystal (KNC), the staking rewards come from the network fees which Kyber Network collects within a certain period (so-called Epoch). The so-called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which consists of all KNC holders that are staking their KNCs is voting on how the Collected Network Fees are going to be distributed every month.

The rewards depend on several things: trading volume in the current epoch and the network fees decided in the previous Epoch in combination with the proportion of fees allocated for voting rewards. Rewards are calculated by the amount which Kyber Network generated within the last Epoch multiplied by the percentage which the DAO decided to distribute to the staking participants. For more information check out the following link.