Currently, on the SMART VALOR platform, you can stake the following cryptocurrencies:


  • Kyber Network KNC

  • Dash DASH

  • Ethereum (ETH)


Will there be more currencies available in the future?


Yes, we plan on adding more currencies for staking in the future.


Are there any limits to the amount I can stake?


Yes, there is a minimum and maximum amount you can stake for each token. These limits are the following for each currency:

Minimum amount
Maximum amount
50 000 VALOR
250 DASH

100 KNC

60 000 KNC
ETH0.01 ETH1 000 ETH

Is there any minimum staking period?


Yes, this information is provided when staking funds. Some currencies like VALOR have multiple options to select from. Here are the current minimum staking periods:


180 Days / 365 Days

30 Days
30 Days
ETH Locked (see below)

N.B. If you choose to stake your ETH, your ETH will be pledged for staking and will become locked on the 

Ethereum protocol until Phase 1.5 of the Ethereum network upgrade is completed. Smart Valor has no control 

over the duration or end date for the lockup period, which will ultimately be determined by the success of the 

update to the Ethereum network. Unlike other staking services provided through Smart Valor, you will be 

unable to opt-out of ETH staking once you’ve staked your ETH. Smart Valor will not refund or replace any 

ETH you wish to unstake. You will not be able to trade, transfer or otherwise access your staked ETH or ETH 

staking rewards during the lockup period.