At SMART VALOR, the security of our services is of the highest priority. Security and data privacy are built into our process, to ensure the trust of our customers and the security of their funds. That said, you also play an important role when it comes to securing your account and funds. This is why we’ve put together a helpful list of the best practices you can apply when accessing SMART VALOR, or any other exchange, from your device.


Keeping your SMART VALOR account and funds safe


There are multiple things you can do to increase the security of your account as well as certain habits to avoid. Here are some of them:


  • Always use your own device when accessing your account. Shared devices can be set up to access personal data, like tracking and collecting your login information.

  • Avoid using public WiFi networks and poorly-secured connections when using your account. These networks can be used to steal login credentials, credit/debit card numbers, and other sensitive personal information. 

If you have the time, feel free to read up on this topic. An easy to understand article that describes the risks and how exactly fraudulent actors could use public WiFi to steal your information can be found here: Android Authority*

  • Access to your API Keys allows other people to move funds and assets on your behalf. With API access permission, third-party apps or services can execute trades, diversify funds, and collect account data. Be sure to verify who has access to your account API Key (if you use it). Once you stopped using a service provider, remove their access. 

  • Always double-check your deposit and withdrawal details when sending funds. Avoid typing the transaction details manually as this is error-prone and could lead to loss of funds.


What security options does SMART VALOR provide me with?


You can enable some built-in security features for your account such as the Anti-Phishing code and 2FA. More on these can be found here: 


One-time passwords (OTP) are enabled by default for multiple different account actions. These OTPs are sent to you via email, so make sure that you have a secure email address that only you can access.


What else can I do to secure my account?


We recommend ensuring that the following things related to your account are secured and that you take additional steps to improve their security:

  • Email address and Email address password

  • SMART VALOR account password


We recommend using strong and unique passwords for all of your accounts. Password managers can greatly help with this, as they can help you generate, manage and store your passwords securely. Make sure to update your passwords every so often for added security.

When it comes to your email address, we highly recommend using a unique one for your SMART VALOR account. If this is not something you are willing to do, you can check out the following articles to make sure your email security is as high as possible: Reputation Defender*, Tech Safety*


What should I keep in mind when accessing SMART VALOR and SMART VALOR products?


If you are logging into your SMART VALOR or VALOR PRIME account, or just generally accessing the SMART VALOR website, we recommend keeping an eye on the following things:


  • Make sure that you are on the correct website. Fraudulent actors have gotten increasingly good at pretending to be reputable companies and websites. Always double-check the links you’re about to click to see if they are legitimate.

  • Learn or bookmark the correct links to any platforms you are using.

  • If your SMART VALOR or VALOR PRIME account information is stored in a password manager, you can use the “Open and Fill” option, where available, to directly go to the correct place and log insecurely.

Keeping your devices safe


Device safety is just as important as account safety. Here are some things you could do to keep your devices safe:

Install antivirus software on every device you use or enable the built-in antivirus of your Operating System (OS).


Microsoft Windows comes with the Windows Defender, which is free and relatively good at protecting your device. Macbooks generally offer good protection against viruses as well. That being said, installing programs from suspicious sources is not recommended. Always make sure that the files and applications which you are downloading and interacting with are secured. Always scan new downloads with your anti-virus or set it to do so automatically.


Keep your system and web browser up to date with the latest version and security updates.


Updates are annoying, we know, but keeping your device and browser up to date is important when it comes to security. Older versions of your OS might not have all of the needed security features to protect your device, or there could be exploits that have yet to be patched out. This puts you, your devices, and your personal information at risk.


Remove file and printer sharing on your computer if you do not need it.


It can be quite handy to be able to access files and printers on any device in your network, but this opens up the possibility for your device to be hacked or infected by an already compromised device or printer. This article shows how this feature could be used to compromise your device: MalwareBytes*


What else can I do to keep my device secure?


Here are some smaller things that have a big impact on your device safety:

  • Keep your devices on you at all times when taking them outside.

  • Locking your PC when getting up for a short time or leaving the room.

  • Backing up your important files.

  • Using 2FA/MFA on the device.

* DisclaimerSMART VALOR is not affiliated with the creators of the articles we have listed and we don’t receive any monetary compensation from them. The articles linked, are simply there as supplementary material, as we have found the information in them helpful. Linking this additional information was done in order to provide you with as much information as we could, without increasing the size of our FAQ section or copying information from other platforms focused on these topics.