SMART VALOR offers its customers multiple communication channels through which you can reach us. As such it is important to know which ones are official, and of those official channels which are the most secure. Knowing what topics you can reach out to us about and where the best place to do that is can make your communication with us can increase your account security, ensure your data privacy is upheld, and also make talking with us a lot easier.




Currently, our Customer Support is reachable via email at for the SMART VALOR exchange and for the VALOR PRIME NFT platform. We recommend reaching out to us via email if you have a lot of questions that require answering so we can answer them all at once. Additionally, if you have a query that would require a lot of information to be provided to us or files to be sent then this would be a good choice as well.

In terms of security, reaching out to us via email is a good option. Additionally, you can always send us an email from our FAQ section, by clicking on the “New Support Ticket” button at the top of the page. This will allow you to fill out a ticket form and send us an email directly to our support line.


What should I watch out for when sending or receiving emails from SMART VALOR?


If you receive an email from us please always make sure that it comes from one of our official emails. Here is a list of the email addresses which you could receive an email from:

When sending us an email we recommend doing so to one of our support emails, depending on the platform you need help with.

Please note that platform emails (Notifications about logins, transactions, etc.) will also contain your Anti-Phishing code.



Another option for reaching out to us is through our on-platform chat. When you are on the SMART VALOR Website or the VALOR PRIME NFT marketplace you can find out Chat help widget at the bottom right corner of the page.


In terms of security, this option is also good as you can only access it from our platform and you are directly conversing with the SMART VALOR Support team.


What should I keep in mind when reaching out to you via chat?


As the chat can be accessed from the website, without being logged in, you can reach out to us as an anonymous customer. In such cases, we will be able to answer generic questions, but if you require help with your account or need answers to specific questions, we would require you to log in or send us an email from your email address.