At SMART VALOR, the security of our services is of the highest priority. Security and data privacy are built into our process, to ensure the trust of our customers and the security of their funds. We’re constantly working on improving these aspects on our platform.


As such, we believe that we have the obligation to share our best knowledge and good practices with our customers.


Regardless if you’re an experienced trader, a regular crypto-user, or at the start of your journey in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain world, cybersecurity and Privacy threats are real and the same for everyone.


The most common bad habits


  • Your device or email password is the same as your SMART VALOR password.

  • Allowing others to access your SMART VALOR account, or not logging out from a 3rd party device.

  • Using the same email for multiple different financial services or exchanges. (Especially if they all share the same password)

  • Your 2FA/MFA app is installed on the same device you use to access your SMART VALOR account


DO’s and DONT’s


When it comes to your privacy and security, there’s not much room left for convenience. These are the priority aspects for which it is worth making compromises.


  • Use a unique email address to register an account. (Works best when paired with an anti-phishing code.)

  • Use strong and unique passwords (consider installing password management software)

    With a password manager, you don’t have to remember multiple password combinations. Just make sure your master password is strong yet easy for you to remember.

  • Do not store passwords and logins in an unencrypted form
    Don't sacrifice security for momentary convenience. One cannot predict the exact timing for accidental device loss or an unauthorized, 3rd party access attempt.

  • Don’t store your 2FA recovery code on the same device you use to access your account.

  • Do not share credentials to your account with anyone.
    SMART VALOR and SMART VALOR employees would never reach out to you to request any login information, no matter what the form of communication used.