At SMART VALOR, the security of our services is of the highest priority and our technical experts have made an exceptional effort to identify all the bugs and vulnerabilities in our systems. To optimize the process, we invite inputs and reports from our community. Write your report to


How can I report vulnerabilities I’ve found on your website?


We have a Bug Bounty program that enables security experts and bug testers to report their findings and potentially earn a reward for their efforts. We encourage all kinds of reports to be sent to us, but please keep in mind that rewards are not guaranteed. All reporters that wish to receive a reward need to adhere to a strict set of requirements and conditions. Testing needs to be performed with a responsible assessment and disclosure model.


Where can I find the terms and conditions for the Bug Bounty program?


The terms and conditions of the program can be found here:  Smart Valor Bug Bounty Program


Please make sure to read and understand the full article and all points contained within it before sending us a report. 


How will I receive a reward if I am granted one?


Rewards are provided in VALOR to a fully verified account on the SMART VALOR platform. All Researchers need to have a fully verified account on the SMART VALOR platform in order to receive a reward if granted one. This is why we highly recommend creating an account and verifying your identity on the platform before attempting any security research on our platform or making any reports for the program.



Disclaimer: SMART VALOR reserves the right to determine which reports receive or don’t receive a reward as well as the amount of the reward received. Additionally, we reserve the right to disqualify reports or reporters that do not follow the terms of the program or the general terms of the platform.