What is 2 Factor Authentication?


Two-factor authentication (also referred to as 2 Factor Authentication or Multi-factor authentication), abbreviated as 2FA or MFA is a security feature that allows you to increase your account security. This is an additional layer of security on top of your regular password. When enabled, you are required not only to provide your password on login, but also the randomly generated, unique, and constantly changing security code linked to your account.


What do I need to use 2FA?


To use 2FA on any platform, you need to first install an authenticator application on your device or mobile phone. This application should be installed from the official application distribution platform of your device. (Microsoft Store, Google Playstore, Apple Appstore, etc.) We recommend using authentication software from trusted companies such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or Microsoft Authenticator.


How to enable 2FA on my SMART VALOR account?


In order to enable 2FA on your account you need to perform the following steps:

  • Log into your account and navigate to the Profile settings page. ( This can be found at the top-right corner of the dashboard)

  • Navigate to Settings > Security

  • Under Two-factor authentication click the “Enable” button

  • Follow the instructions that the platform provides

  • Save your secret recovery key in a secure location

  • Enter your account password and verification code on your authenticator to fully enable the 2FA


Important notice:

Please make sure to save your recovery key as it is the only way for you to redo the setup of the Authentication in case of device loss or resetting. We strongly recommend saving the code on a trusted password manager or offline device that never connects to the internet.

We highly recommend using your 2FA Authenticator on a secure device that is password protected and accessible only to you. If you have the possibility to, please use a second device that is never connected to the internet or data services.


How can I reset my 2FA if I have lost my recovery key?


Please reach out to our Customer Support in order to remove the 2FA from your account. Please note that this will require you to reverify yourself upon login due to security reasons.