What is an Anti-Phishing code?


Anti-Phishing code refers to a security feature SMART VALOR and many other platforms offer to increase account security and increase customer trust. This is a code, that is randomly generated for you, or you can set it yourself, which is added at the top of all emails sent to you by us. All official emails from SMART VALOR will include this code to verify the legitimacy of the email.


Why is an Anti-phishing code important?


Without this code, you will have a harder time distinguishing legitimate emails from SMART VALOR, from those sent to you by fraudulent actors attempting to compromise your account.


What even is phishing?


Phishing is a type of social engineering where the attacker pretends to be a reputable organization, company, or service provider. This is done in an attempt to receive sensitive information, compromise account or service access, or install malicious software on a device. In the context of digital asset exchanges such as SMART VALOR, this type of attack is most often used in an attempt to steal login information and account access. Most often the goal is obtaining your funds, but can also be gaining additional access to your other accounts.


For more information on the topic, you can check this: Phishing.org


Feel free to also check out our Security section for more tips on how to secure your account and improve your security awareness.