Zero Fee Campaigns


Zero Fee campaigns are promotional events that allow customers to purchase cryptocurrencies on the SMART VALOR platform without any fees.


Why am I still paying a fee when making a purchase?


During the campaign, you are still paying the required purchase fees, but the total amount you pay is tracked and then later returned to you in the form of a VALOR reward. While Zero Fee campaigns can last multiple months at a time, fee returns are usually distributed every 2 to 3 weeks.

Quiz campaigns


In this type of campaign, you can take a quiz that tests your knowledge on a particular topic in the crypto sphere and allows you to earn rewards. The rewards can range from extra crypto with every purchase you make for a certain time, to crypto bonuses allocated to your account at the end of the campaign.


These types of campaigns are rarer so keep your eyes open for when they are available!



There are other types of campaigns and promotions that we are working on at all times. We will notify you as soon as any starts, as well as provide you with all information needed to participate and receive rewards.


If you have an idea for a promotion or campaign you’d like to see on the SMART VALOR platform, please let us know by contacting our Support. We’d love to hear your ideas and see how and if we would be able to implement them.