What are Trading competitions?


SMART VALOR offers occasional promotional events focused on trading on the platform. In these events, you can compete with other traders on the platform and win rewards. Each campaign lasts a certain amount of time where your trading activity on the platform counts towards your performance in the rankings. Each campaign focuses on different types of trading, with different currencies being provided at the end as a reward. Some of the campaigns even have additional challenges that can earn you bonus rewards.


How will I be notified about competitions?


We send out emails to all customers with information about upcoming competitions, along with the start and end dates and terms for participation.  The rankings are also publicly available so you can track your performance compared to other traders.


What determines my performance?


Your performance is based on your total trading volume during the competition. For most campaigns, you are directly competing to have the highest trading volume out of all participants. Your placement determines how high your reward is, and other traders passing your performance moves you down and thus decreases your reward amount. Constantly trading is the key to success here.

Some campaigns however are based on a bracket-style system, this means that your rewards are based on that trading tier you have reached. Each tear is assigned a volume range, that determines when you enter it and when you move up to the next one. Your placement in the leaderboards, outside of the top 5 traders, does not change your reward amount. If you have traded as much or more than any given tier, you will get the reward amount for that tier.


I’ve won, how do I receive my reward?


Your rewards are distributed at the end of each trading competition. Our team reviews the rankings and each participant to ensure that everything is in order before rewards are calculated. Once the rewards are calculated we announce the rankings and reward earnings publicly. After this, the rewards are allocated which can take up to 5 working days.



Disclaimer: SMART VALOR reserves the right to disqualify participants, who do not follow the terms of the competition or the general terms of the platform.