While we do not charge you for depositing funds into your account, there might still be some expenses involved in depositing fiat currencies to your SMART VALOR account.


Interbank fees


Depending on the way your bank processes payments in the currency you are sending, there may be some fees involved in the processing of the transaction. This fee is usually charged by intermediary banks that are processing your transaction.


Withdrawal fees of your bank/financial provider


When you send fiat to your SMART VALOR account from another account provider, they may charge you a fee for the transaction.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the fee structure of the other platforms you’re using to send us funds.



Withdrawals to an external bank account require specific fee amounts in order for the transaction to be processed. These fees are paid out to our processing partners to ensure the fastest processing of your transaction. When withdrawing funds the withdrawal form will provide information for the amount of the fee. Below is a table that contains all fees for every currency you can withdraw.

30 USD

Disclaimer: SMART VALOR reserves the right to change any of these values at any time, without the need to inform customers beforehand.