Purchasing cryptocurrencies on SMART VALOR comes with certain fees based on how you are paying for the purchase.


Service fees


This is a fee that SMART VALOR takes for processing your transaction. The fee is used to cover the expenses of the transaction. This fee is charged no matter what payment method you decide to use for the purchase.

These are always calculated on the SMART VALOR's base currency- Swiss Francs. Regardless of deposit currency, the services fees are calculated in Swiss Francs. Below is a table with the applicable service fees:

Amounts up to

Service fee
10.00 CHF
0.89 CHF
20.00 CHF  

1.19 CHF

50.00 CHF

1.89 CHF

100.00 CHF  

2.49 CHF

200.00 CHF  
3.19 CHF
300.00 CHF
4.19 CHF
> 300.00 CHF  
1.29 %


There is also a 0.29% Taker/Maker fee when trading on the exchange.


Payment fee


This fee is charged by the payment provider whenever you are making a purchase via credit card. 


Paying fees with VALOR


SMART VALOR allows you to pay service fees for operations on the exchange with VALOR that you have in your account. This allows you to reduce the fees you are paying by giving you a 30% discount.



Disclaimer: The fees reflected here may not always be the current fees, they are subject to change without notice. Current fees will be displayed upon operation on the exchange.