Trading on SMART VALOR exchange


Outside of buying or selling through the Buy/Sell section, you are able to trade on multiple different markets on the SMART VALOR exchange. This can be accessed from the “Exchange” section, visible in the sidebar in the dashboard.


What is the difference between trading in the Exchange section and buying in the Buy/Sell section?


When purchasing cryptocurrencies using the “Buy/Sell“ section your purchase is performed using fiat funds from your fiat wallet or from an external source like a bank transfer or credit/debit card. This transaction is closer to the traditional purchase of goods and services.

When trading using the “Exchange” section, you’re trading on different crypto markets against other traders. Each market corresponds to a specific trading pair such as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, or VALOR/USDT. While purchasing using the Buy/Sell section doesn’t require any previous crypto funds, trading on the exchange does.


How do I trade on the SMART VALOR exchange?


  • Visit and log into your account.

  • After logging in, head over to the “Exchange” section by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

  • Select the market you would like to trade on from the market selection or by looking it up in the search bar.

  • Select either the Buy or Sell option

  • Select the order type and amount

  • Click on the Buy/Sell button

Trading views


SMART VALOR offers traders two different trading views to choose from. The standard, “simplified“, trading view, and the advanced trading view. Here’s the difference between the two:


Standard view


The standard view can be considered the “simplified” view, but it still provides you with all of the information that you would require to make an order. It has a simplified and clean layout with the Buy/Sell section on the left, and a price chart on the right-hand side of the screen. Information about your open orders and order history is visible at the bottom. At the very bottom of the page is a description of the currency you will be buying/selling as well as some general information about it. 


Advanced trading view


The advanced trading view is designed to look more like the traditional exchange screen you would see on any exchange. This view is designed for experienced traders who want a focused experience when they are trading. It provides you with additional tools when reviewing the information in the price chart, which now sits front and centre on your screen. On the right, you will be presented with the order book of the market you’re trading on with the latest top and bottom-priced trades. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to review your open orders and your order history.

Order types


On the SMART VALOR exchange, you can currently place 2 types of orders. A Limit order and a Market order. Below is a description of the two order types.


Limit Orders


Limit orders are placed in the order book with a specific limit price. The limit price determines the maximum or minimum price a customer wants to trade. The order will be filled if the last price reaches the limit price or is better.

A Limit order may be filled with different prices to fulfil the order amount.

  • Sell Limit orders will fill when the last price is equal to or greater than the limit price.

  • Buy Limit orders will fill when the last price is equal to or less than the limit price.


Market Orders


Buy/Sell Market orders are executed immediately at the available price. This means it will take any open orders on the order book (e.g. Open Limit orders). A market order may be filled with different prices in order to fulfil the order amount.

Market orders will be executed immediately at the available price on the market and the unfilled portion (if any) will be cancelled automatically. Maker orders will always incur taker fees.