Where can I find my deposit address?


If you would like to make a deposit to your SMART VALOR crypto wallet you need to navigate to the “My Wallet“ section of the exchange. This can be found in the sidebar on any page of the exchange.

Once you are here, you will automatically see all of your Cryptocurrency assets. Please select the desired currency and then click on the “Deposit” button at the top right of the Currency overview.

A screen displaying your deposit address will appear on the screen. It will look something like this:

Deposit Screen example. At the top is a QR code that can be used to quickly copy your address. Below it is the actual address, and then the minimum and maxium withdrawal amounts.

Once you have made the deposit you can click the “Done“ button to close the screen. The deposit will reach your account as soon as it is processed on the blockchain.

What should I keep in mind when making a deposit?


When you make a deposit to your account please make sure to always use the correct deposit address for the currency you are depositing.

If the currency you are depositing requires a Memo ID or Destination Tag, please always make sure to include it in your deposits.

Be mindful of your deposit limits, if your deposit exceeds your daily or yearly deposit limit it might take longer for the funds to reach your account.

What wallet formats does SMART VALOR Support?


Currently, SMART VALOR only supports the ERC20 version of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

For BTC/LTC we currently support the Legacy wallet format as well as Segwit.

You are able to transform your address via an address converter, but please stay mindful of using unofficial converters. If something goes wrong we can’t take responsibility for any lost funds.


Disclaimer: Please note that due to regulatory requirements, we are not allowed to accept deposits from exchanges that do not require KYC verification.