Security and, when needed, the privacy of blockchain technologies is a topic that is constantly being studied and improved upon. While SMART VALOR relies on existing solutions, the team is also continuously monitoring new developments, with a view to implementing more reliable technologies as they evolve in order to rigorously eliminate security risks.

Through overall software security, organization and risk management and by following other classical best practices, SMART VALOR is fully aligned with managing blockchain technology and digital assets as a complete system. We also implement more specific measures dedicated to its context, in particular security of wallets and secure custody.

Secure custody, wallet security, system security, smart contract security, strong authentication, and blockchain security are the major elements of our security strategy. Smart contract security is, in particular, covered by security audits (internal and external), reuse of existing building blocks, the release of code for community review, early deployment on testnets, and formal specification up to formal validation when possible.

In addition, SMART VALOR actively participates in the establishment of the future security and privacy standards of the blockchain/cryptocurrency / crypto exchanges industry.