To provide security for the platform assets and for the user accounts, SMART VALOR has decided to deploy significant efforts in order to build its own secure custody solution. This will ensure its development on strong roots instead of starting from the ground, notably relying on several top security technology providers.

SMART VALOR has jointly announced in 2018 a partnership with Ledger for the establishment of an enterprise-grade custody solution for digital assets. After selling more than one million Nano S hardware wallets for digital assets, Ledger has created an early access program for Ledger Vault. This new program provides asset security through, in particular, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and secure authentication of the operators to the HSMs.

SMART VALOR has specifically integrated different layers of wallets (warm or cold) with active monitoring of the transactions between different layers, and tailored security policies, including multiple approval processes, to ensure a good trade-off between efficiency/availability and hardware-based security for the funds.